by Mike Zinser

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Seven Enterprises Open House October 8th

This year's raid on Seven Enterprises open house began, at least in my perspective, with our four-car rendezvous @ San Ramon Chevron on Crow Canyon. Jim Predmore (Jimini), Andy Biddle (Dinky), Paul, Margaret, and Laura Barrow (NZMini) and Myself (Housedoc driving Tuffette) met to caravan to our second installment of rendezvous @ the Shell Station in Fairfield (off the North Texas exit). Pat Kaye, Todd Dunning, Chris Monson, Craig Dewey, Bruce Hurlburt, and contrary to the myth the Loch Ness Mini Owner Colin Urquhart actually does exist and was there too!

After another round of fluid management we were off on to bonzai up I-80 in which most of the group stayed together. A lone maverick (who shall remain nameless) managed to get stuck out in the passing lane and missed the I-80/50 Reno split in Sacramento. I (Mr Nameless) did manage to find my way and flew it in solo. After saying hello to the crew at Seven: Mike(s), Karen, Jack, Dave, and Steve, we sashayed out to the lot and socialized with the usual suspects: Mini culture fixtures Norm and Jesse Nelson and of course Crazy Mike.

In short order the usual outstanding BBQ provided by seven was ready and the throngs of attendees descended on it much like a plague of locusts. Once done eating and resisting the urge to nap, some of us waddled down to Nick Upton’s Restoration shop to admire his latest projects. Most noteworthy was Penelope, the newest addition to the Uptons. Penelope is a very happy kid who was pretty much fussless throughout the day; she even let Predmore hold her (without crying OR puking on him) ...amazing ...great kid. Nice job Jessie!

Oh Yeah, that’s right, this is a Mini Event so we should be discussing a Mini of some sort. Nick’s latest project was a 63 Mini Cooper S 1071 that this year was only the second Mini to ever appear at the Quails Concour. And so it becomes yet another project of Upton Restorations to be admired and envied! Shortly after the raffles and auctions, in which I had the good luck of winning a set of bumper over-riders for Tuffette, it was time to head ‘em up and move ‘em out. Andy "the B Man" Biddle took point for the run home. Electing to abandon the freeway, we jumped off the I-5 to follow the Delta’s secondary roads. This route just about curls any Mini owner’s toes. Andy lead us to a superb location for dinner, the Point Waterfront Restaurant in Rio Vista. I’m sure it will earn at least (4) oil spots from any British Car Club. The Remainder of the ride brought us down to Livermore by way of Vasco Road, where I peeled off and bid the crew adieu. Thanks Captain Andy, a well run run.

All British Motor Show @ Blackhawk

Due to a blustery & drizzly forecast for the original date, we organizers elected to reschedule our All British meet to Oct 26th rather than the 15th. Apparently the weather received our notice and cooperated during the course of the day. About eight MOASF members showed up at 6 am to get the party started. Nick, Jon, Jim, Myself, Paul, and Andy were the early birds with Dim McGrane, Blackhawks Executive Director, showing up moments later to be sure everything was patted into shape.

In spite of the rescheduling, it didn’t seem to deter the majority of the participants from adjusting their plans to participate. Registration and field placement went off without major issues. Judging by the participants were due at 11:30 but some continued to trickle in close to 1:00. The MOASF crew represented the various haberdashery styles of the U.K. Nick & I wore out flat hat or newsboy caps. Andy had his bowler ... and then there was Todd.

I have no idea where he dug up the "French Foreign Legion" pith helmet, but it seemed a might big for him. He was insistent it wasn’t, in spite of him walking into a few obstacles during the day. Additionally it did seem to affect his attitude a might since he insisted on being called "Sir Todd of Dunningshire." Jeremy Thorpe of JET Motors insisted I add "the second" to it must be some inside joke!

The raffle and door prize giveaways from our generous sponsors preceded the results of the voting.