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Margaret Barrow

Margaret Barrow was raised in Vacaville, CA Paul grew up in San Leandro. They met in a car club in 1978, and married in 1979. They continue to feed each other's love of cars, owning or having owned over the years a 1934 Ford Cabriolet hot rod, a 1969 Bronco, a 1964 Ranchero, a 1957 Thunderbird, a 1973 Fiat 850 Spyder, a 1974 Porsche 914, a 2001 Ford SVT Lightning pickup, a 2008 Corvette convertible, a 2014 Shelby GT500, and a couple of classic Minis, among others.

In 2004 they took a trip to New Zealand, where Margaret first noticed the many classic Minis driving around. She fell in love with them, but they didn't buy one until a return trip in 2009. She bought a 1975 Mini 1000, right-hand-drive, mostly stock. It had about 30,000km original mileage. They drove it around New Zealand for a couple of weeks, then had it shipped home.

Paul Barrow

Paul has wanted to add wider 'wings' and deep dish 13'' wheels, among other mods, but Margaret refuses to let him, preferring the semi-stock look it had when purchased. She did allow Paul to install driving and fog lights, and asked him to add a roof rack.

Before leaving NZ in 2009, they joined a local Mini club, Minis Manawatu, on the North Island. In late 2009 they found MOASF and have been members ever since.

After attending Mini Meet West in Bend, OR, Paul fell in love with the classic Mini Countryman Estate wagons. He found only one available at the time, and had it shipped to CA from Hawaii. He improved it for a couple of years, then, preferring a variety of cars in the stable to solely one kind, decided to sell one of the Minis to get something totally different. Margaret refused to sell her NZ Mini, so Paul sold his woody.

Jon Becker

Jon Becker has been an avid SCCA racer for 40 plus years in a variety of Mini Coopers. In addition he has been a Mini specialist in repair and restoration in Concord California. (MiniPart)

He served numerous times as President of the MOASF. In addition he has chaired or co-chaired 7 Mini Meet West events. Jon is currently beginning the restoration of a 64 Morris Mini wagon. Jon and his wife Dorothy own 7 classic Minis and one new MINI.

Nick Becker

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Andy Biddle

Andy Biddle's 1968 Austin Mini Cooper S MK II. This highly desirable and rare early Austin Mini Cooper S MkII was built in November 1967 as an original Left Hand Drive shipped to Barbados in February 1968, eventually finding its way to California in the early 1990s. Restored by the previous owner, this car retains many of the original options shipped with the car including the recliner seats Dunlop D wheels and sump guard.

Andy purchased the car already restored in early 2015, needing only to make minor changes to ensure it as period correct as possible. Currently enjoying driving it on as many MOASF events as possible the way it was intended, flat out.

Neil Blank

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Eric Burford

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Jerry Del Castello

Back in 1969 I saw a movie called The Italian Job.. I was hooked on Minis from that day on! My girlfriend and I went to British Motor Cars in San Francisco, where I grew up, to see a mini in person! I fell in love with it! I was nineteen at the time going to college and paying rent.. There was no way I could afford it.. So I waited.. In 2014 I saw my dream car for sale and was able to buy it! It was a tad more money than back in '69... It's a 1966 Austin Cooper S that was totally restored and I love it!

Carla den Dulk

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Craig Dewey

Craig's first car was a 1957 MGA roadster that he bought from his sister when he was 15. Since then there have been many British cars in his garage including three Minis.

His current Mini is a '72 Morris with a fuel injected twin cam conversion on a bored out A-Series block. The engine starts right up and runs like a top. The body, well that's a different story. Someday it will get a full restoration, but for now it will stay a bit crusty with a two tone paint job, dark blue and flat black.

Todd Dunning

Todd's first mini was a Mk3 bare metal build by Heritage Garage in 2008. His current car is a daily driver 1962 Mk 1 that he completed the mechanical restoration on. His car was found in a creek in Santa Cruz in 2003, with a tree lifting the rusted hulk up in the air.

In 2013 Paddy Hopkirk drove the car for a Jet Motors documentary, thanks to Norm Nelson's arrangements to bring Paddy stateside for his 50th Monte Carlo Jubilee.

Todd's sense of humor often gets him into trouble so he prefers the safety of the Web.

Clyde and Denise Floyd

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Parissis and Dee Fragos

Gramps Parisis was a professional truck driver in Greece for nearly 40 years, never owning a saloon car until shortly after his retirement. When a '78 Belgium built 850, drew his attention at a local used car lot he fell instantly in love with it and bought it on the spot.

He managed to keep the car going in an unfriendly Mini enviroment where no parts or shops were available to properly maintain the car. Luckily his grandson Dee got the Mini virus from him, taking good care of it and keeping it running strong to this day!

Christoph Fritsch & Anite Waemas

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Erika Hattenhauer-Lovlien

This is my first MINI, a 2016 Cooper S. Many of my friends and relatives have owned MINIs, so I've always been an admirer. Once it was time to buy a new car, knowing what I wanted was a no-brainer. I ordered ''Hattie'' in May of 2016 and she arrived from across the pond a few months later.

Soon after, I joined NorCal MINIs and currently serve as the club's Membership Officer/Secretary. I never knew driving could be so fun! I haven't acquired any speeding tickets thus far, and am always on the make for checkered accessories.

Richard Haub

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Roy Hernandez

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Mark Holloway & Annmarie Krikke

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Bruce Hurlburt

Bruce has enjoyed British cars (oxymoron?) since his early teens but didn't acquire his first mini until 2014. It's a 1967 Austin Mini MK II that started life in England as a 998cc automatic. After crossing the pond in the early 2000's it ended up in Los Angeles before making it's way to the Bay Area. Sometime during that period the 998 was removed and replaced with the current 1098cc motor and manual transmission.

Bruce's latest acquisition (11/2016) is a 1963 MK I Austin Cooper. An east coast car for decades, it will require some serious TLC before hitting the road.

Pat Kaye

My Mini Clubman 1000 was originally sold in Wiltshire, UK in the south of England. I purchased it before a makeover from Nigel Orton, a hobby builder in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire, UK in the summer of 2011. He shipped it to California in Feb. 2012. Per the V5C, I am the 7th ''Keeper'' in the 45 years since it was manufactured.

The Clubby has been in publications including Mini Magazine and MiniWorld in the UK and MotorWerks in Toronto, Canada. It was featured on the cover of Moss Motors Classic Mini catalogue. While not being a show car per se, it has also won a few awards including the ''Merchants Choice'' and ''Veterans Choice under 1000cc'' in 2014 at The Little Car Show in Pacific Grove, CA and ''Best Foreign Car'' at the 2012 Novato Nostalgia Days show.

As for me, I've always been a 'motorhead'. Over the years I have owned more motorcycles than cars and I was active in the motorcycle roadracing scene throughout the 1970s and into the 80s. I worked with many pro racers and in 1978 toured the country as the mechanic and crew for a Novice Pro, Glen Shopher (Concord, CA) who finished 4th in the nation that year.

I started in the Mini 'world' when I purchased a used MINI Cooper S in 2007. It was fun to drive and reminded me of all the years of driving fast cars and motorcycles. I attended MMW 2010 & 2011 in my MCS. It was at Lake Tahoe that I decided I wanted to get a classic. I retired at the end of 2016 and am the founder of the Mini Collective and I recently acquired a 2007 MINI with 171K on the clock from my daughter.

Steve Korbay

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Gordon Johnson

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C Lim

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Kit Lofgren

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Rich McKee

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John McWilliams

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Chris Monson

Like many of my Mini owners, my love for the classic Mini started with watching a particular movie. It was the mid 1970's (I think I was 8 years old) and I was home with the flu. The Sunday afternoon movie was the original "The Italian Job". I can remember being glued to the TV screen as I watched these little cars race around the streets of Turin Italy filled with gold. I was hooked from that moment on.

Fast forward to the early 2000's and I was finally able to purchase my first Classic Mini. It was a 1963 Cooper S. I ended up selling it in 2009. As it drove away from my house on a trailer, I realized that I made a mistake. I was not connected to the Mini community at that time. If I had been I doubt that I would have ever sold it. A few years later, I started looking again. I now own a British Open Classic. About a month or so, after I purchased it I went to a local pseudo-car show. 10 min later, two other classics drove in (Pat Kaye and Colin Urquhart – both members of MOASF). Now I have a classic Mini and a Mini community. My Mini is more or less a daily driver for me.

Craig Murphy

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Jesse Nelson

Jesse's version: "My husband had just brought home a 2004 Gorgeous R53 Mini Cooper and suggested that I get something fun to drive. We had just become "empty nesters". So, I went out and test drove a Lotus, then on to a Cobra...A few more convertible types but nothing was "it". I thought I was a lost cause. Then, while going through eBay, couldn't sleep, at 2am I spotted a little black mini. Owner posted, doesn't run, registered in California, driver's door won't close, rust everywhere. So I bought it and began the Pynt Syz restoration. I loved her from day one. All my husband said when he saw it was "what have you done!"

Norm's version: "I had to get up early the next morning, hook up the trailer and drive down to Los Angeles to pick up that Mini then turn around and drive all the way back. Yes the Mini would not run. We unloaded it out of the trailer and into the garage. Jesse headed into the house and into a hot bath. She was exhausted. I went into the garage and within 5 minutes I had Pynt Syz purring. She was ecstatic."

Norm "Pooper" Nelson

  • Founder, Shasta Minis
  • Founder & CEO, MINI Thunder HPDE
  • Organizer of Magical Mystery Mini Tour, September 2008 Treasure Island SF Bay.
  • Guinness World Record Holder – Participant 2009 London 2 Brighton Run
  • Organizer/Team Member – MINI USA Corral Program for the IMSA/Continental Tire Sports Car Championship Series.
  • Organizer – MINI Night – at The Candy Store with Paddy Hopkirk
  • Pit Crew Chief – TWINI (Twin Engine Mini Cooper) 25 Hours of Thunderhill
  • Participant – MTTS (Mini Takes the States) 2006, 2014, 2016
  • Participant – MINI United 2009 Silverstone UK
  • Participant – MINI United 2012 Paul Ricard Circuit, Le Castelle France
  • Participant – Mini Meet West, Penticton BC, Lake Tahoe CA, Bend OR, Abbostsford BC, San Diego CA
  • Participant - AMVIV (A Mini Vacation in Vegas) AMVIV 4, AMVIV 7, AMVIV 9 (2012), AMVIV 11 (2015)
  • Participant -_ Minis on the Dragon 9 (2011) Deals Gap, NC
  • Motorwerks Magazine – West Coast Editor, Photographer, Writer
  • Miniology – Reporter, photographer, videographer
  • Memberships: Shasta Minis, SCMM (So Cal Mini Manicas), Silicon Valley Minis, Capital City Minis, West Coast Coopers, Mini Collective, MOASF, LXM (League of Extrordinary Miniacs), LXM of Southern California, Sierra Nevada Minis

  • David Noel

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    Justin Nunes

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    Jim and Paula Predmore

    Jim's (Jimini) '66 Cooper S was an original import to BMC Compton, CA in late 1965. A friend of Jim's in Southern California owned the car as a daily driver and work car. After a ''track incident'' his friend garaged the busted car in '71. After many years of ''begging'' to buy the car, his friend finally agreed in 2006.

    After 35 years in storage, Jim moved the mini to Northern California. Nicknamed ''Lumpy'' by our MOASF club president because there was not a single straight body panel, the rebuild process began. After Jim spending over 2 years tearing it apart (and then giving up), Jon Becker became responsible for the awesome rebuild keeping as much of the integrity of the original ''S'' parts and history of the car.

    A fascinating article about this car is in the San Jose Mercury News here.

    Julie Racine

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    Nigel & Linda Rhodes

    1969 Morris Mini MKII (a.k.a. ''little man''

    Nick Rosenlicht

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    Rick Sherman

    Rick's love for the Classic Minis began way back in 1971 when one of his mates in college had a 1966 Austin Mini 998. It wasn't until 2006 that he and his wife Carol bought their first MINI Cooper, followed by a 2010 MINI Cooper S. Rick and Carol inherited two Classic minis in 2015 and followed that up with the purchase of a Countryman S in 2016.

    Terry & Renee Smith

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    Shawn & Laura Thornton

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    Ian Torrey

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    Colin Urquhart

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    Wendi Wakefield

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    Bill Wilson, MD

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    Mike Zinser

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